Deterrence | Detection | Compliance

Protection of restricted mining activity
SeekerDNA transferable gels
Protect assets from unauthorised use
Prevent access to restricted zones
SeekerDNA transferable gels
Protect assets from unauthorised use
equipment and tools
the veins of minerals
 and securing access
 spares and accessories
SeekerDNA is:
* a covert forensic level DNA based marking system.
* totally secure allowing for guaranteed identication of the origin of the material.
* non-toxic and environmentally safe, whilst being extremely robust, stable
and permanent in an extensive range of applications.
* available with an unlimited number of unique DNA codes giving it an
unequivocal coding capacity.
SeekerDNA uses synthetic DNA products. Each product contains a unique DNA code that is linked to the client in our secure database. When applied to the client’s assets or goods, it puts a permanent identitymark on each valuable asset. As with human DNA, SeekerDNA is transferable from marked assets to criminals. This forms a critical part of the chain of evidence leading to identication and conviction.
DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid: It is the nucleic acid that performs the task of coding the genetic material which determines the makeup of all living cells. It consists of two long strands of nucleotides which link together in a structure resembling a ladder twisted into a spiral. This sort of DNA can run into many thousand or even hundreds of thousand of base pairs on each strand.
The DNA that SeekerDNA utilises is of a very short chain design and single stranded, increasing the chemical strength and is therefore more resistant to attack by Chemical removal UV, sheer pressure and enzyme activity. Synthetic DNA, is real DNA the code of which, has been produced in a laboratory.

The marking of assets and infrastructure with warning signage,together with publicity, employee communications and partnering with law enforcement, raises awareness of the use of the product and provides a powerful deterrent to anyone contemplating wrongdoing