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A Large Mining Group
As the operations of the manganese extraction are completed in these areas, the access
tunnels are closed off with large steel doors and demarcated as restricted areas to prevent
further access and illegal mining activities.
Miners are entering into these tunnels and mining the deposits of sugilite. This poses two
problems for the mine. The first and foremost being the most important, as the illegal activities
could trigger a rockfall or collapse of the tunnels rendering the mine unsafe. This would
force closure of the mine for health and risk reasons at great expense to the company due to
disruption of the mining opreation until the effected areas are stabilised.
Secondary to this client are not in possession of a mining concession for the sugilite and
therefore it has no commercial value to them. The illegally mined is sold to unscrupulous dealers
outside of the mine where it is shipped to the Far East where it has a spiritual and mystical
SeekerDNA after performing a detailed risk analysis of the situation proposed a 2 phase
solution which was accepted by the client
PHASE 1 : A custom prepared sprayable DNA/UV solution has been used in the restricted
areas to coat the sugilite veins as well as the small tunnels that are used to access the four
restricted areas. Tools and apparatus (such as ladders) which have been found in these areas
have been marked with a DNA/UV gel. Each restricted area has it’s own UV colour marking for
quick identification purposes.
A underground reaction has been deployed into the mine equipped with UV torches to
identify any personnel that have come into contact with either the spray-able or gel solution.
Personnel on their return to the surface enter a tunnel which is fitted with big beam UV lights
to enable a visual check by security staff (with recorded CCTV) before personnel leave the
mining area.
An ongoing awareness campaign has also been implemented which is included in the
client's induction and on-boarding sessions to make personnel and sub-contractors aware of
the usage of the SeekerDNA product. All management, trade unions have also been advised
of the use of SeekerDNA. This usage has also been as well as being included into the employment
contracts for employees and HR policies.
SeekerDNA signage has also been placed in strategic places both in above and below
ground points.
PHASE 2 : This phase consists of the integration of Mistguard units into the new security system
monitoring the main entrances to the four restricted areas. The Mistguard units can either be
fired manually by security or set to activate when a breach is detected via the radar and Infra-
Red systems.
The completion of services and wi-fi network access in the mine is proving to take longer
expected, but once completed the Mistguard system will be installed and integrated into the
security system. The Mistguard system proposed has built in redundancy to allow for any failures
and also to allow for multiple firings.
The Phase one project was completed by the SeekerDNA team on time and on budget.