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DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid: It is the nucleic acid that performs the task of coding the genetic material which determins the makeup of all living cells. 

It consists of two long strands of nucleotides these link together in a structure resembling a ladder twisted into a spiral. This sort of DNA can run into many thousand or even hundreds of thousand of base pairs on each strand. The DNA that SeekerDNA utilises is of a very short chain design and single stranded, increasing the chemical strength and is therefore more resistant to attack by Chemical removal ,UV, shear pressure and enzyme activity.

Synthetic DNA, is real DNA, the sequence or code of which, has been produced in a laboratory.
 The DNA is synthetically generated within ISO accredited facilities and is not obtained from bacteria or animal sources, therefore has no contamination risks in forensic analysis.
The DNA marker can be incorporated into the marking system at manufacture. The synthetic DNA can be extracted from marked items, before being copied or "amplified". DNA amplification is a widely used and accepted technique during which many copies of the DNA of interest are made, resulting in sufficient DNA to analyse.

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