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Mistguard Misting Solutions
Protect your assets with a DNA and UV spray
SeekerDNA is used for Protection against metal and cable theft
Protect metals and cables
Use SeekerDNA for Spares and Accessories Tracking
Prevent stock loss through theft
Protect your Business Assets with SeekerDNA
Mark assets and prove ownership
SeekerDNA is used for Customs and Excise Tracking
Trace illegal cross border movement
Protect against unauthorised entry
Overhead misting systems
SeekerDNA for petroleum and oil management
Track and trace fuel
Stores and Warehouse Management
Reduce stock loss through theft
Intruder Protection with SeekerDNA misting systems
Overhead Misting Systems
Counterfeit and Authenticity
Brand authentication and protection

"You will be marked, you will be caught" 

SeekerDNA Mistguard solutions make use of a UV-DNA impregnated misting system. The misting systems can be manually activated  or linked to an exisitng alarm system.
The misting system can be deployed in a standard overhead misting unit or it can be custom constructed to suit each client for their specific environment.
Mistguard is ideal for use in retail stores to identify and deter theft through shoplifters or robbery.

In a commercial environment  Mistguard can be used to protect areas with high value assets, such as stock rooms, bank/weapons vaults and guard access routes.
The video's below show a demonstration of the Mistguard product in action.


Example Application Areas

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