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SeekerDNA Grease

SeekerDNA transferable grease, contains UV and DNA
SeekerDNA Grease, 50ml tub. Intended for Outdoor use, contains a unique DNA Code and a UV marker. SeekerDNA transferrable grease has been specifically designed to combat metal thefts such as lead, copper pipes and cable, steel rail track and cast iron inspection covers.
The Grease is non-toxic and is one of our primary products being tested by the charity Rhino Rescue, to help stop animal poaching in Southern Africa.The Grease is transferred on to the hands and clothing of an intruder.
The UV marker which is clearly visible under the type of UV light source that the Police use, is intended to aid rapid identification of the perpetrator, and the unique DNA code, irrefutably links the individual/s to the scene.

Product SKU : COGR50

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