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Asset and Property Marking Kit

Commercial Asset Protection. Contains DNA and UV components.
This Asset and Property marking Kit is ideal for use to mark company assets such as laptops, PC's, Office equipment and ther assets.
If possessions are stolen then it becomes critical that police are able to easily identify it as stolen, identify it as yours and bring the thief to justice.
Each Kit consists a tube of SeekerDNA solution with a brush applicator, and contains a unique DNA code, an Ultra Violet marker and up to a 1000 uniquely numbered microdots.
It also contains a UV torch (so that you can see your valuables have been properly marked), warning stickers for both windows and individual items (to deter thieves from attempting to take the items), an instruction sheet advising the best way to mark your property and finally, details of how to register your details on our secure database.

Product SKU : SDAM1KDD8

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